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Riot Alliance Summer News!

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Lots of exciting things happening at Riot Alliance this summer!

Thanks to all who've come out to our summer sales, retail locations, and online! We are extremely grateful for your support of our social justice business model and our social justice partner organizations in Philly! 


Riot Alliance's social justice partner May - July:

Youth United for Change

First and foremost, #BlackLivesMatter. The ever-present and recent horrible systemic racist violence against communities of color by the police, and within our system of neoliberal colonial capitalism that continues to oppress people of color every singe day, makes Riot Alliance particularly moved this quarter to partner with Youth United for Change.

YUC is a youth-led organization fighting for the educational needs of students of color and from working class communities in Philadelphia. YUC uses a school and community-based organizing model where diverse groups of youth come together to identify concerns in their schools/communities, create strategies for school reforms, and train youth leaders to advocate for these reforms in local, city, and state government.

YUC's most recent campaigns focus on expanding water access in schools, establishing community schools and community control of school reform, and increasing the number of school counselors in the public school system. 



Riot Alliance now sold at Tselaine!

Riot Alliance is super psyched to be one of the many local retailers now sold at Tselaine, an adorable small jewelry and accessories boutique in Rittenhouse.

Check out the Riot Alliance display next time you stop by the store!

         It's Official! We've donated over $1,000 to our social justice partners!  Thank you for your continued support!

         It's Official! We've donated over $1,000 to our social justice partners!  Thank you for your continued support!