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15NOW x Riot Alliance - 4/15 through 6/15

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Riot Alliance Teams Up with 15NOW Philly!

Philadelphia has the highest rate of deep poverty out of the nation's 10 most populous cities. As stated in a article this past September: "Philadelphia's deep-poverty rate is 12.2 percent, or nearly 185,000 people, including about 60,000 children. That's almost twice the U.S. deep-poverty rate of 6.3 percent." People of color, women, LGBTQ identified, single parents, immigrants, and people with disabilities are overrepresented in low wage work.  Philadelphia's current minimum wage perpetuates deep cycles of poverty in an already severely segregated city that is quickly gentrifying with the help of the national and multi-national corporations exploiting their workers with low wages, union-busting, and no guaranteed paid sick leave for workers working less than 40 hours a week. 

Minimum wage workers' starting salary in Philadelphia is $7.25 and hour. The CEOs of Walmart, McDonalds, CVS, and other major corporations make approximately $7,000 to $9,000 an hour. The US economy has failed working people. The 15NOW movement is standing up for low wage workers everywhere. 

15NOW Philly fighting for a $15 an Hour Minimum Wage

 15NOW Philly is working to resolve widespread poverty in Philadelphia through mobilizing low wage workers and activists to participate in direct actions, walkouts, and strikes targeting low wage employers in Center City Philadelphia. 15NOW Philly built leadership among low wage workers by canvassing in working class neighborhoods and holding neighborhood planning meetings. In 2014, 15NOW Philly met with 12 City Council members and began a process with Councilman Kenyatta Johnson's office to introduce a $15 minimum wage bill in City Hall. 15NOW has joined the larger fight for economic justice as part of the Raise the Wage PA coalition of community organizations and union workers. 15NOW also collaborates with POWER, SEIUFight for 15 PA,  and the BlackLivesMatter movement to align struggles of racial and economic justice. 

Riot Alliance Supports 15NOW Philly from April - June!

Riot Alliance is collaborating with 15NOW Philly as its featured social justice organization from April - June. 10% of all proceeds from jewelry sales will benefit the fight to provide a living wage to all Philadelphians, and to raise awareness about the income disparities affecting low wage workers everywhere. Riot Alliance believes strongly in the mission of the 15NOW movement, and the movement's ability to give low wage workers a voice in the fight for workers' rights!  Shop online or come out and support Riot Alliance and 15NOW Philly on May 16th at the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival, and June 6th at the Punk Rock Flea Market

Because every worker deserves a living wage.